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Swamy Army has a long history going back to 2003-04 when it was first formed by a group of Indian cricket fans. Since then the fan club has gone strengths with a large number of members and a number of tours worldwide. Swamy Army was recognized by the Australian media Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph. We as a Swamy Army family cheer the Indian team by waving flags along with Dhol (Indian drum) chanting all through the game.

Swamy Army aims to be the widest-reaching cricket fan club in the world, bringing together like-minded Indians from all walks of life, residing across countries and various religions to celebrate Indian cricket. Started by a group of 10 Friends led by Gurnam Singh, we assumed the sobriquet ‘Swamy Army’ and have been ardent supporters of the game and Team India traveling to each game that India played in Australia and bringing a unique carnival atmosphere along with us, we were covered extensively both in the live and print media.  

Swamy Army ranks have swelled over the Years and we continue to welcome more members into the fold – the more the merrier. However, Swamy Army is not only about a group of passionate fans getting together, we provide easy access to match day tickets, pre-arranged/priority seating, Indian cricket travel and touring packages, participation in cricket tournaments see here, merchandising, and coverage of all the important news related to Team India.  

So, become a member today to enjoy all the exclusive perks of being a Swamy Army member!